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3 Tips to Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

Discover the benefits of a multigenerational workforce and optimise the benefits of an age diverse talent pool... Read more


How To Unlock Your Boundalyless Organisation With Contingent Workers

Leading an organisation amid an ever-evolving world of work, it feels like there is a new corporate buzzword describing human behaviour and organisational design for us to deal with almost every week... Read more


Robot or recruiter? The future of talent acquisition

Emerging technology has changed the recruitment landscape, providing recruiters and hiring managers solutions that greatly enhance the candidate experience... Read more


Want Your Employees Back In The Office? Try This

It’s therefore vital that when asking employees to come into the office more regularly, it’s seen as something that adds value to their experience of working for you. That’s why, for this month’s update, I’ll be talking about your Workplace Value Proposition (WVP)... Read more


How To Elevate Your Employer Brand With Sustainability

As we’ve heard from COP27, the window for meaningful climate action is narrowing. What is becoming ever clearer for leaders in the world of work, is that our workforces care about this issue, and they expect us to care too... Read more


Five Of The Best Ways To Be Less Busy All The Time

In your eyes, how does a “successful” person spend their time? Do they work tirelessly every hour of the day and night? Are they constantly rushing from one meeting to the next, never really coming up for air... Read more


Quiet Quitting And Employee Engagement – What You Need To Know

If you’ve read any news articles online, or picked up a newspaper in recent weeks, chances are you’ve heard about quiet quitting – the work-place phenomenon that has recently taken over TikTok... Read more


The Win-Win For Employers And Employees In Upskilling

Are you about to meet with several candidates, hoping to find a suitable match for your latest vacancy? If so, then chances are at least one of the people you meet with will arrive to the interview with a case of interview nerves... Read more


Why Businesses Need To Prove Their Sustainability Credentials

An organisation’s commitment to sustainability has become hugely important in recent years – and its significance is only going to increase in the future with the realisation of the systemic challenges we face. Corporate commitments are growing across all sectors of society, with business leaders being in a strong position to drive higher ambition... Read more


Want To Be A Manager? Be A Chameleon

If your next career goal is to become a people manager, then there’s one crucial skill you need to develop: adaptability.The best manager will shift and flex in response to the changing environment around them and, crucially, the different motivations of the individuals they lead. In short, they are a chameleon who can adapt to suit the situation at hand... Read more


Business Should Hire Untapped Neurodiverse Workforce To Close Tech Skills Gaps

Organisations across the globe are struggling with a shortage of technical skills, however, improving opportunities for neurominorities could help to close the gap, says recruiting experts, Hays... Read more


Solving Tomorrow's Workforce Challenges

This July marks a significant moment not just in the Hays story, but my own story with Hays. As I step into my new role as Managing Director, Asia, I reflect on our new strapline and brand promise – Working for your tomorrow – and what it means for us as a business as we continue to lead the recruitment industry in Asia... Read more


Four Things Your Should Be Doing To Restore Proactivity In Your Team

As a people manager, you will know that a proactive attitude is one of the most desirable traits to have among your team, and why wouldn’t it be? Proactive members of staff will take the initiative to make things happen whilst finding new ways to meet the needs of their role and the business... Read more


What Is An Employee Value Proposition And Why Is It Important?

A good employee value proposition, or EVP, helps an organisation draw the attention of top talent. It is a clear and consistent message about the experience of working at your organisation and highlights the unique experience you offer that attracts, engages and retains top talent.... Read more


Hays – Working For Your Tomorrow

Hays – Working For Your Tomorrow Today is an exciting day at Hays, and indeed one of the proudest moments in my 14 years at the company. I’m extremely proud to officially unveil our new brand and repositioning, encapsulated by our new strapline: Working for your tomorrow... Read more


How To Combat Ageism In The Workplace

As we lead longer and healthier lives, the reality for many of us is that we will need to, or indeed want to, work longer than previous generations. However, despite this, ageism in the workplace continues to hold people, and businesses back... Read more


4 Job Advert Clichés Every Hiring Manager Should Be Wary Of

Ah, the ever important job advert. No matter how technology changes the way employers sell themselves to candidates; whether it’s giving Virtual Reality tours of the office, or accepting “Snaplications” via Snapchat – job adverts will always remain key to attracting talent. I’ve spoken before on how to get this right, and which mistakes to avoid. But one area I am yet to cover, is the matter of job advert clichés... Read more


How Japan Is Building Its Blueprint For Sustainability - A Q&A With James Knight

 James Knight, Senior Business Manager specialising in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) recruitment in Japan, discusses the growing enthusiasm and efforts in sustainability and ESG in Japan... Read more


Making People The Solution To Your Corporate Sustainability Challenges

Harnessing the power, knowledge and passion of the workforce is crucial if we are to be successful, and your workers should be a key part of any corporate sustainability strategy. What can we do to empower our people to make a difference... Read more


Don't Rush Into Making The Wrong Hiring Decision

When it comes to recruiting new team members, most hiring managers fall into two buckets: 1. they’re either so busy that they find it hard to even find the time to prioritise hiring, or, 2. they’re so busy they simply can’t wait to find a replacement for a recently departed employee, as swiftly as possible... Read more


Meet Kathy Chen, VP of partner sales, Citrix

Kathy Chen, VP of Partner Sales for Asia Pacific and Japan for Citrix on how she got into Tech, her journey and challenges being a woman leader, and why diversity is crucial for tech companies... Read more


How To Set Up Your Meetings For Success

I firmly believe that the impact of your words within a business meeting can be softened and enhanced with better set up. Set up is how you introduce your message. In other words, it’s what you say before you say what you want to say... Read more


Supporting Social Mobility Can Close The Tech Skills Gap

The technology sector skills gap is probably more acute than it’s ever been, and the reality is that this is a result of Covid-19. Organisations are accelerating digital transformation at a rate not seen before – we’re talking about a decade’s worth of change happening over the next two years... Read more


Our Roadmap To Building A Successful ED&I Strategy

The case for a robust Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) strategy in the workforce has become increasingly important to business leaders over recent years. Creating a diverse workforce is, first and foremost, the right thing to do... Read more


The future of leadership in technology

By its very nature, technology is constantly evolving. Accordingly, leaders in the sector need to update their skills to meet the demands of their industry and their workforce. So, what will the technology leader of the future look like?... Read more


Why Companies Must Get Serious About Hybrid Hiring

What we can be sure of is that we need to be agile enough to adapt to the ever-changing landscape in the world of work. The pandemic shifted work patterns overnight. Businesses had to change to ensure their workforce could operate effectively from home and a hybrid way of working has been the norm for many people over the best part of the last two years... Read more


Solving The Digital Skill Gap Requires Innovative Thinking

Of course, the world has changed significantly over the last two years. The Covid-19 pandemic has played a huge role in this, and the world of work will be unlikely to ever go back to “normal.” Digital transformation has increased at a startling rate... Read more


How Good Are You At Giving Feedback?

Performance appraisals is key to team success. However, this doesn’t come naturally to all of us. Here’s a few tips you can try to help you deliver constructive feedback well and get the most of out your team... Read more


How Can Businesses Engage the Adult "Third Culture Kid"?

I am a child of expatriate parents, and I am what you would refer to as a Third Culture Kid (TCK).In this article I want to share some tips that will improve the way you attract, engage and retain adult TCKs... Read more


The Best Way to Onboard Your New Starters Remotely

Onboarding process is being done entirely from home – this is unchartered territory for most, and interestingly, it’s a scenario that will likely become more common, with hybrid teams set to become more prevalent in the next era of work, post-crisis... Read more


What Employers Need to Know About Gen Z

In this new era of work, employers need to ensure they properly understand Gen Zers – including what motivates them – in order to create the perfect workplace to attract and retain them... Read more


How can you Look After your Mental Health as a Temp Worker?

Maintaining good mental health is, of course, a challenge for all of us. However, a study from McGill University in Canada found that people who were engaged in temporary, contract or casual fixed-term positions were more susceptible to poor mental health than those in long-term, stable employment... Read more


Five Things that Motivate your Employees More than Money

If you were to ask your employees to work for free, the chances are that most of them would decline the invitation. But apart from telling us what we already know – namely that money is important for putting food on the table – it doesn’t tell us how big a motivating factor it really is once our basic needs are met... Read more


These Four Questions will Reveal If You're an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Being emotionally intelligent is without a doubt, one of, if not the most important trait in being an effective leader. Various studies throughout the past decade have shown that having a leader who is able to get results by... Read more


How Business Leaders can Rethink Their Talent Management for the New Era of Work

Having transitioned from the chaos we faced in the early days of the pandemic – establishing a ‘new normal’ of remote working, changes in working arrangements, and fighting to keep businesses afloat – leaders in many organisations are looking at how they can be prepared for an uncertain future... Read more


11 Skills that will Help you Become a Better Leader in the New Era

People automatically look to their leaders in times of crisis, and the last few months have certainly delivered some of the greatest challenges those leaders have ever faced. However, once the immediate tests posed by the pandemic have subsided, leaders will need to be equipped to succeed in a significantly transformed world of work... Read more


How Leaders can Demonstrate Trust in their People During Difficult Times

The Internet is buzzing with questions from humans. Surely, this automatic reliance on our devices to help us find quick, instantaneous answers might suggest that we humans are a naturally curious bunch, but are we really... Read more

How can Leaders Unlock the Careers of the "Lockdown Generation"?

Interrupted education. Internships withdrawn. Cancelled graduation ceremonies. First job offers retracted. First jobs furloughed. First jobs completely lost. The COVID-19 crisis has robbed many of the younger generation - those just on the cusp of starting their professional lives - of experiencing so many of life’s important milestones. It has disrupted the very rhythm of their lives,... Read more


How to Prioritise the Wellbeing of your People in a Hybrid Workplace

The lockdown period has been a learning curve for both businesses and professionals. We have had to learn how to use new technologies and how to remain productive when outside of the office, all whilst consciously supporting one another’s mental health and wellbeing. Everybody’s experience of lockdown has been unique to them, with many facing daily challenges that have had the... Read more


Four Tips to Help you Deliver Training to Remote and Hybrid Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all areas of business. It has meant organisations and workers alike have had to adapt and be agile to deliver, in some cases, the same job they had been doing one way for some time.Delivering training is no different and in this new era of work, having a robust training programme will be fundamental to helping organisations to adapt to and embrace... Read more


What is a Hybrid Team and how do I Lead One?

With restrictions around the world beginning to slowly ease, and home working set to become more normalised, many leaders have understandably been wondering how their teams will operate post-crisis. Much of the answer to this question is currently unclear... Read more