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Collectively moving the needle in environment sustainability efforts

In Japan, ESG, (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations have come to the forefront of government and business agendas, impacting on both business and talent strategies. 

As a result, demand for ESG talent is accelerating in the the Engineering and Construction, and Green/Renewable Energy sectors. Consulting firms are also growing rapidly as more companies look for insight and support on ESG-led strategies.  

Additionally, marketing and public/media relations departments in larger, international companies that operate in sectors that are in the public spotlight are beginning to include ESG experience in role requirements. 

Given the higher demand for talent with experience and skill sets in ESG that’s outstripping the available candidate pool, we are observing that more organizations are beginning to show greater flexibility when looking for a suitable skills match.  

In general, skills that employers are on the lookout for are typically related to consulting, sustainability, and engineering. More importantly, candidates should be fluent in both Japanese and English and demonstrate flexibility and adaptability. 
Read the report, ESG and Sustainability: A Blueprint for the Future for more insight on how ESG is shaping talent strategies in Japan and paving the way for long term sustainability for businesses.   
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