How to shape your workforce strategy for 2024 and beyond

Is your workforce strategy calibrated for the coming future?

Irrevocable changes in how, where and why we work are having a huge impact on organisations’ workforce strategies. CEOs and their senior teams in Japan recognise the critical need to adapt, and in some cases reinvent, their businesses for the future, whilst remaining competitive today.
Changing motivations, the relentless march of technology, a growing digital skills gap, economic uncertainty and evolving legislation will impact the types of jobs available – and the way in which work gets done. Are you prepared for tomorrow’s challenges?


To understand the composition of tomorrow’s workforce, organisations need to understand three interconnected landscapes:
  • Macro landscape: including the impact of inflation, evolving legislation and the looming threat of climate change.
  • Innovation landscape: understanding how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping existing roles and creating new ones, and the growing importance of a digital-first employee experience in competing for top talent.
  • People landscape: we reflect on the complex debate over ‘where’ work gets done, and explore how organisations can turn the dial on their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Learning and Development strategies respectively.
We've layered a wealth of actionable insights throughout the report to enable you to look beyond current practices and processes and start shaping tomorrow’s workforce strategy. 

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Featured contributors

Sotirios Stasinopoulos, CEO at Popular Robotics 
Hong Kong SAR 
Lucas Cheung, Managing Partner at Gusto Collective 
Peter Lau, Head of UX Design at Moxbank & Advisor at IXDA 
Masahiro Ueno, Former Head of IT at McDonald’s, UCOOP 

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Freddy Loo, Director of Customer Engagement, AI & Analytics at Fusionex International 
Joel Wong, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Transformation at Pos Malaysia Berhad 
Rakesh Krishnamuti, Vice President, Enterprise Business Development, Partnerships at Mastercard 
DN Prasad, Senior Director, Strategy, People, and Organisation at GovTech 

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