The Inside Story of Technology in Japan

Resilient technology sector is poised for a comeback

Hiring activity is quickly picking up in Japan’s technology sector in the second half of 2021 despite a temporary slowdown last year, spurred by the rapid growth of subsectors like cloud infrastructure, big data, and cyber/information security.

As a result, demand is higher than ever for roles in these subsectors, making hiring challenging in a market that has been traditionally short of talent with these skills. Mobility restrictions, language requirements, and a noticeable hesitance from talent to consider switching jobs, preferring job security, are all contributing to a critical lack of supply.
The state of demand and supply of exceptional tech professionals in Japan means that those who are eager to re-enter the market should have negotiating power, especially if you can demonstrate deep technical expertise in their fields alongside relevant skills and certifications like:
Read our report to find out what other skills and certifications can make you more competitive, or check out these technology roles.
If your company is facing challenges in filling roles, it might be worth being slightly more flexible in your hiring criteria and optimising hiring processes for an enhanced candidate experience. Understanding what’s important to technology professionals outside of salary is also critical to designing talent strategies that will help your company successfully attract and retain talent.
Read the Inside Story of Technology in Japan for more insight on candidate expectation and talent strategies. 
Key highlights:
  • Growing subsectors that are seeing a rise in demand for technology talent
  • Top hiring trends in technology, including in-demand roles and skills
  • Tips to attract and retain technology talent
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