The Inside Story

The Inside Story

The Inside Story is a monthly market sector intelligence report that will profile one market sector and reveal compelling insights into its current trends, challenges and opportunities. 

The inside story in Japan 1

The Inside Story of Banking and Finance (2023)

Explore Japan's banking sector, future prospects for banking professionals, and strategies for companies looking to attract and retain talent.

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The Inside Story of ESG (2022)

In Japan, ESG, (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations have come to the forefront of government and business agendas, impacting on both business and talent strategies...

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The Inside Story of Technology in Japan (2021)

Hiring activity is quickly picking up in Japan’s technology sector in the second half of 2021 despite a temporary slowdown last year, spurred by the rapid growth of subsectors like cloud infrastructure...

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The Inside Story in Japan 2

The Inside Story of Engineering in Japan (2021)

As was the case for many countries, the global pandemic disrupted numerous industries in Japan and the engineering and industrial areas were no exception...

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The Inside Story of Supply Chain in Japan (2021)

With the pandemic slamming global supply chains shut, the Japanese government has recommended companies assess overall supply chain networks in order to prepare for future disruptions...

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The Inside Story of Digital Technology in Japan (2020)

COVID-19’s social distancing implications have left many businesses in Japan moving quickly to facilitate remote working measures and make infrastructure changes that may prove to be landmark in Japan’s digitalisation journey...

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The Inside Story in Japan 3

The Inside Story of Life science in Japan (2020)

In recent years, the healthcare landscape in Japan has been experiencing positive developments in terms of deregulation and increasing the speed to market for new treatments...

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The Inside Story of Enterprise Technology in Japan (2020)

The Software-as-a-Service industry (SaaS) industry saw massive progress in 2019, bringing immense value to companies by making software more affordable and accessible...

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The Inside Story of IT Contracting in Japan (2020)

Statistics show that 56 per cent of organisations in Japan offered home office/remote work options for employees in June 2020, as compared to only 18 per cent who had these in place when the outbreak first hit in March...

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The Inside Story of Financial Technology in Japan (2019)

The last year has seen cause for optimism in Japan’s growing economy. Following on from strong figures posted throughout 2017, 2018’s second quarter saw a three per cent rise in GDP...

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The Inside Story of Manufacturing and Operations in Japan (2019)

It is a longstanding fact that the automotive industry in Japan is a global force to be reckoned with...

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The Inside Story of Human Resources in Japan (2019)

The ever-complex labour market in Japan has seen a significant number of challenges in recent times...

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