The Inside Story in Japan

The Inside Story in Japan

Hays Japan has released its latest Inside Story in Japan market sector intelligence report. The report profiles one business unit each month and reveals compelling insights into its current trends, challenges and opportunities.

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The Inside Story of IT Contracting in Japan (2020)

Statistics show that 56 per cent of organisations in Japan offered home office/remote work options for employees in June 2020, as compared to only 18 per cent who had these in place when the outbreak first hit in March. 

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The Inside Story of Digital Technology in Japan (2020)

COVID-19’s social distancing implications have left many businesses in Japan moving quickly to facilitate remote working measures and make infrastructure changes that may prove to be landmark in Japan’s digitalisation journey. 

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The Inside Story of Enterprise Technology in Japan (2020)

The Software-as-a-Service industry (SaaS) industry saw massive progress in 2019, bringing immense value to companies by making software more affordable and accessible, as well as providing cloud-based solutions as an efficient and effective way to leverage data and real-time communication.

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The Inside Story of RPO in Japan (2019)

It is no secret that Japan is one of the tightest labour markets in the world today, but not without reason. A rapidly ageing population has put the country’s workforce at a disadvantage, with an estimated quarter of its breadwinners turning 75 or older by 2040. 

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The Inside Story of Manufacturing and Operations in Japan (2019)

It is a longstanding fact that the automotive industry in Japan is a global force to be reckoned with.

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The Inside Story of Human Resources in Japan (2019)

The ever-complex labour market in Japan has seen a significant number of challenges in recent times, such as a rapidly ageing population that has contributed to a chronic and crippling shortage of labour; or the only marginal raise in wages observed despite this. But on the bright side, Japan’s unemployment rate has remained at an all-time low, although it recently saw a spike which also harkens good news as more jobseekers enter the market. 

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The Inside Story of Life Sciences in Japan (2019)

The life sciences industry in Japan teems with the promise of continual growth with heightened government initiatives and the increasing establishment and expansion of big players and start-ups alike.

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The Inside Story of Financial Technology in Japan (2019)

The last year has seen cause for optimism in Japan’s growing economy. Following on from strong figures posted throughout 2017, 2018’s second quarter saw a three per cent rise in GDP, the highest climb in more than two years, outstripping the 2.6 per cent previously predicted.

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The Inside Story of IT Contracting in Japan (2019)

Japan being in the grips of a skills shortage crisis is not news. 

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The Inside Story of Digital Technology in Japan (2019)

A recent article in Forbes magazine asked if “digital generals” are now as important as military generals.

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The Inside Story of Sales in Japan (2019)

In an industry as historically conservative as Japan’s sales sector, it is enlightening to see that it is undergoing a number of dramatic changes, with both companies operating within it and the candidates that make up the workforce having to address and adapt to these developments.

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