Industry Insights

Industry Insights

A blog compiled by experts, who analyzes and summarizes industry-specific insights.

We will feature an industry or occupation, to provide you with insights unique to Hays on the trends in the domestic market including challenges faced and potential.

Introducing The Top Tech Jobs

This time, we will cover six job fields that are expected to grow, and we will introduce the relevant experience and future prospects for each field. We hope that this information can serve as a helpful guide for your career transition. Read more


Putting sustainability back in the spotlight

For the past year, the focus was all on the immediate threat of Covid-19. However, the long-term need for a more sustainable, low-carbon way of life to reduce the impact of climate change has not become any less important. Read more


Lessons and advice from a career in cyber security across the globe

Hays Technology have asked those who have followed a career in cyber across the globe for their stories, advice, and how they see the sector’s future. Read more