Mental Wellness Week2022

Mental Wellness Week2022
Embracing Mental Health and Wellbeing Together


Mental Wellness is one of the most important aspects of health in every stage of our lives. Therefore, for the third year in a row, Hays Japan is celebrating Mental Wellness Week in support of our staff’s mental health.
This year's theme is "Embracing Mental Health and Wellbeing Together". Throughout the week, we encourage our staff to practice healthy lifestyles, to reflect on their feelings, and to practice self-care.
We nominated Mental Wellness Week Ambassadors from Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka, and hosted many fun activities together. For example: 
  • Walking Challenges
  • Healthy & Low Budget Lunch Challenge
  • Meditation Session 
  • Yoga Session
  • Gratitude Card Exchange 
  • Healthy lunch at the office
All of the employees were also happy to receive Stress Balls as a gift from Hays Japan.
Also, we invited F45 and Lululemon to host a session in which we learned about the connection between mental health and physical fitness and tried some fitness challenges. Many employees participated, and it was really fun! 
Comments from Ambassadors
Toshiya, Ambassador from Tokyo office: Mental wellness is an activity that has been adopted worldwide, but there were still many people in our company who did not know about it or were not interested in it. Therefore, for this year's Mental Wellness Week, based on the participation data from last year and the year before, we wanted to make it an activity that was easy to participate in and enjoyable.

Thanks to everyone, we were able to have a lot of people participate this year and make it a success. If I ever become an ambassador again, I would like to organise many more events to make it even more accessible.
Haruna, Ambassador from Osaka office: Mental wellness week offers us a great opportunity not only to rethink about our physical / mental wellness, but also to strengthen our bonds between the Japanese branches. I hope the event continues for long time in the future.
Frans, Ambassador from Yokohama office: It was great having so many colleagues participating in the activities