The top ten in-demand tech jobs to apply for in 2023

James Milligan, Global Head of Technology at Hays

The importance of digital infrastructure has increased immensely in the last three years. What was already a priority for many organisations suddenly became a necessity. As a result, the number of tech jobs available rocketed.
Now these organisations have had time to stabilise, reflect and assess their needs for the future. It’s no secret that digital skills are already imperative for many in the workforce and innovation means that these will continue to be in demand among employers.
As a result, the tech jobs that companies were hiring for in 2022 aren’t quite the same. As market leaders, we’ve analysed the data for recent hiring trends and looked at the roles that our clients are recruiting for in the current landscape in order to determine the top ten in-demand tech jobs in 2023.

In-demand tech jobs in 2023: key insights

  • The most sought-after candidates aren’t necessarily those with hard skills related to technology knowledge, but those that can oversee projects and provide insights.
  • As digital transformation and innovation continues across the globe, developers and engineers are in demand.
  • While organisations have had time to adapt to change, transformation is still happening and the people to oversee this process are still required.

Why are these tech jobs so in demand?

Organisations need people who will take responsibility for running IT projects and working closely with all those involved. While other jobs in our top ten list require hard skills, these roles revolve around soft skills and seeing the bigger picture of the overall strategy.
Naturally, there’s still a high demand for people with that technical knowledge. Developers and engineers will design and build both the products for internal and external use. It’s also here that DevOps engineers continue to be in high demand, given the scope they have. After this, organisations also need people to extract the data and provide insights to the business in the form of actionable solutions.  Protecting sensitive data, especially Customer data via Information Security and Cyber Security best-practise is also a high priority for many companies.
One key skill that will be desirable in all of these roles is adaptability. Many workers will be operating in environments of growth or transformation and being agile will be an asset.

Top ten in-demand tech jobs in 2023

10. Business Analyst

Companies need people to gather requirements and spot trends. Even if you don’t have formal qualifications, organisations are hiring bilingual candidates with experience in delivering this.

9. Information Security and Risk Management

These roles involve creating and managing Information Security and IT Risk Management policies and frameworks so that companies can be in line with Japan regulatory standards or those from a global head office.

8. DevOps Engineer

Those in this role have a broader remit than in many tech jobs, working with developers and operations in building and deploying new releases.

7. Data Engineer

This role entails building systems to compile data and provide analytics to the right people in the business.

6. Software Engineer

Software engineers design and create a range of systems and applications for organisations. If you’re interested in becoming a software engineer, read our guide to the skills you’ll need here.

5. IT Project Manager (for DX – Digital Transformation)

Project managers were number one on our list last year and are still proving popular as organisations roll out their digital transformation. You’ll need to be a strong leader with good communication skills to excel in this role.

4. Java Developer

Following on from above, Java is one of the core programming languages used by software engineers. Those proficient in Java will have a range of opportunities in 2023, whether it’s at a start-up or a multinational company.

3. Data Analyst / Data Scientist

Data analysts take the information provided by engineers to solve problems and help deliver insights. Those with experience and qualifications are popular among employers, but there are learning opportunities available as demand outweighs supply.

2. Cloud Engineer

Using products and services like Azure, AWS and Google Cloud to set up and maintain Cloud solutions for any business that wants to increase to availability and scalability of their data and applications – for internal employees, external customers, or both. 

1. Cyber Security Engineer

The most in-demand tech job on our list.  Cyber Engineers are tasked with a range of priorities from Threat Detection to roll-out and monitoring of new Security tools that can protect a business from internal or external data loss.  These roles are critical for any business due to the increase in Cyber threats in the world right now and the reputational damage that can be done to any company that suffers a major hack.
As your lifelong career partner, we’re able to find you the right role, no matter your level or seniority. If you’re interested in moving forward with your career in 2023, search our tech jobs here.
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James Milligan
Global Head of Technology at Hays

James Milligan is the Global Head of Technology at Hays, having joined in 2000. In his role, he is responsible for the strategic development of Hays' technology businesses globally.
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