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Covering thousands of jobs in 15 different industries and sectors and 5 different locations across Asia, our Hays salary comparison tool provides instant pay comparison based on your exact job and location. Our latest 2023 Hays Salary Checker has been compiled using data from thousands of placements over the past year to provide you with the recent salary insights.  

Salary check for professionals to negotiate your next pay review or plan your career progression: 
  • Gain quick access to the latest salaries (highest, average and lowest) offered for your role in Japan 
Salary check for employers allowing you to attract or retain top talent: 
  • One-stop access to the most trusted and in-depth salary data available -- the highest, average and lowest based on various seniorities 

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Here's how your salary compares to your peers. If you would like to talk to a consultant about any aspect of your career, you can find your nearest Hays office here.


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2023 Hays Asia Salary Guide 

Salary renumeration was the key reason for talents leaving and staying in the organisation 

For more detailed insights on how to navigate your career planning or talent acquisition and retention strategies, download our complete  2023 Hays Asia Salary Guide. The report includes insights from our in-house recruitment experts and survey responses of over 10,000+ hiring managers and professionals across Asia. 

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