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Living and Working in Yokohama

Living and Working in Yokohama

Yokohama is located in Kanagawa, where it is one of two prefectures in Japan in which population is on the rise with more people relocating to the area. It’s a diverse region where there are a number of landmarks, boasting an extended coastline to the south and lush mountain ranges and lakes in the west.

Historically, Kanagawa has been a highly industrialised prefecture, centering on the heavy and chemical industries, but more recently, it’s become an area for a large number of research and development institutions and automotive-related businesses that have attracted hundreds of thousands of professionals to work in the region.  As the government provides a wide range of assistance to support gaishikei (foreign affiliated) companies newly setting up businesses in the Kanagawa prefecture, 10% of the gaishikei companies in Japan are located in this region and the number of these gaishikei businesses is expected to rise. Nissan, Fuji Xerox and Takeda Pharmaceutical are just a few of the major global companies that have relocated to Kanagawa, providing numerous opportunities for businesses and professionals.

Yokohama, is the first harbor city introduced to the world as the entrance to Japan. Since the time its port was opened, Yokohama has been vigorously acquiring new cultures and information from foreign countries and introducing to Japan our country’s first-time-ever things from food to a wide range of cultures, which entitles Yokohama as the birthplace of Japan’s modern culture. See further information on Yokohama here or contact Judy Takei at / Tel 03 3560 2823