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Hays Quarterly Report

October - December 2015

If you'd like to know which skills are in demand, or what recruiting, salary or candidate trends are impacting your sector, we have the answers. Our Hays Quarterly Report is a guide to current hotspots of recruitment activity and trends. It is updated each quarter to reflect changing market conditions.

19th Mar

Here you can access our latest Hays Quarterly Report.  Select your specialism on the left to find out what is happening in your specific area.

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West Japan Trends

Over the coming quarter we expect the high demand for bilingual specialists in the manufacturing sector to continue in West Japan.
Non-Japanese service providers from back office and consulting to IT and industrial suppliers are either opening offices or planning to do so in the city of Osaka or Aichi Prefecture as a way of securing a bilingual workforce.
An increasing number of international Japanese companies based in West Japan are also globalising their workforce to match the demands of operating in a global market.
In the greater Osaka region, we are seeing a rising number of joint ventures taking place between giant traditional Japanese companies leveraging foreign capital.
And mechanical and electrical manufacturing led by automotive and aerospace growth, non-Japanese suppliers (both in hardware and IT software) are continuing to expand in the greater Aichi region.