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Your Cross-Cultural Expertise Score

If your CCE score is less than 2

If you answered no to all of these questions, it’s time to rethink how you fit into today’s job market. If you want to be a candidate in demand and adapt to the increasing needs of employers you will need to at least learn another language which can be useful in a work situation. If you don’t have the opportunity to travel overseas, which is the best way to gain international experience, perhaps take a course and try to apply what you have learned at work, even if it is just showing interest in other cultures.

If your CCE score is 3 or 4

You are on your way to becoming an “in-demand” candidate with cross-cultural expertise - but you still have room for improvement. In another recent Hays survey employers were asked what traits contributed to a candidate’s global mindset. One of the top answers was flexibility and the able to accommodate difference of opinion at work.

If your CCE score is 5 or more

You are a good example of a candidate with cross-cultural expertise and are more likely to have success in today’s highly competitive job market in your chosen field. But there is always room for improvement, so look at where you could extend yourself and your experience. Look at the questions where you may have answered ‘no’ and think about how you can turn it into a definite ‘yes’.

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